Mary Ellen Borland

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Sea Glass Place. We stayed in the Bougainvillea room, which is like a nice bedroom/full bath with mini-fridge, sink and hot plates outside the door for cooking. We didn’t cook there simply because we decided to try a different restaurant each day for dinner and had sandwiches for lunch. The bed was super comfortable, which we often have trouble with, since our bones are getting achy. Elvis and Jane were a pleasure to have as hosts! They let us know the ins and outs of where to go. The started us off with some delicious muffins, that we enjoyed for breakfast. They always answered our questions which were numerous. Using the app they have for guests works great. The location is awesome for getting around. If you use the buses you can get picked up right outside. The beach is lovely for a swim or snorkel or just to relax in one of the chairs they provide, under the nice shady tree. We really enjoyed our stay and would love to return some day!

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