Krystal Watson

My experience at Sea Glass Place with Elvis and Jane came be summed up in one-word, phenomenal! I’ll start by commending them on the booking process. When I made reservations they responded within a couple of minutes with information on Grenada customs, covid guidelines and how to get food when in quarantine. When we arrived, the guidelines of the property was again reiterated. I just thought the process was so thorough and answered all my questions before even asking. I stayed in the Bougainvillea suite and it was magnificent. The room was clean and stocked with everything you can think of. From your sliding door, you can see the most beautiful scenery of the ocean and hear it too when you fall asleep. The property is secluded, very peaceful with its own secluded beach. Jane and Elvis made us feel very welcomed. They would provide us with info on nearby local spots and arrange transportation to get around the island. My husband and I enjoyed our stay immensely and will definitely be coming back again.

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