JP Swilley

We went to Grenada for a sailing trip. Afterwards, we stayed on the island for several days to see the beautiful mainland and the nicest people in the Caribbean!
We booked with Sea Glass Place based on what we saw online. We knew that the pictures online often exaggerated beauty and accommodations, but we liked the location, so we chose it. We were so pleasantly surprised! The online presence didn’t compare to the actual experience! We had a beautiful, clean, happy suite. (I walked through every unit. They are all equally wonderful). The patios, walkways, and lounging areas were absolutely perfect. Not a commercial, hotel type setting. More like a home type setting. If you owned a home on the water and wanted to set it up for your personal guests to have an epic visit, THIS is what you would design. You have multiple areas to relax privately if you choose or socialize if you’d like. You own set of stairs down to your own secluded beach. We had our coffee and a swim in the beautiful clear water every single morning. At the top of the stairs there is an enclosed outdoor shower stocked with all the necessities. You can just rinse off the salt or take the best, most chill shower ever.
Sea Glass Place is fenced and private. When you choose to leave the sanctuary, you walk out the front gate to the main road with easy access to transportation right at your front door.
We would definitely recommend the Sea Glass to everyone!
It was a highlight of our trip and will always be on our list of “Best Places We’ve Ever Stayed”

Kristina & JP

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Hurricane Beryl Grenada Mainland Update

The brunt of the storm was felt on the Northern area of Grenada and our sister Islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique. We are a big part of the relief effort on our sister islands.

Your reservation is fine. We did get the storm, but damage on our part of the island was minimal.

Power, water, internet and all major services were restored the next day. All businesses are operational to help ensure your vacation is a wonderful experience. The airport was opened the next day for incoming and outgoing flights.

Sea Glass Place is fully operational and ready for your arrival. We suffered no damage. Looking forward to seeing you on the Spice Island. 

Sea Glass Place Management