Howard Byer

It’s hard to top what others have posted here. Sea Glass is convenient to everything St. Georges, comfortable, clean and the view of the ocean from your own porch is beyond awesome! All the beaches in Grenada are public but this small beach seems private because it’s not very easy for the general public to get to. Sea Glass Place literally sits right on top of it so you conveniently walk down some private stairs and you’re there. They have a few masks and snorkels, kayaks and other toys available for guests to use at no charge. Grenada is a relatively safe island but there is also security cameras all over the grounds and Elvis is ex-military so you always feel safe. That part of the review is easy. What is not so easy is to convey how wonderful your hosts Jane and Elvis are. They will assist with any plans you’d like to make. They know practically everyone and everything going on and if you want help finding the best tours, food, shopping, bars, rum shops, boat rides, dive shops or music they can direct you or help with arrangements. They are warm and caring hosts that always go the extra mile. Want to know what it feels like to have family in Grenada? STAY AT SEA GLASS !!!

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Hurricane Beryl Grenada Mainland Update

The brunt of the storm was felt on the Northern area of Grenada and our sister Islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique. We are a big part of the relief effort on our sister islands.

Your reservation is fine. We did get the storm, but damage on our part of the island was minimal.

Power, water, internet and all major services were restored the next day. All businesses are operational to help ensure your vacation is a wonderful experience. The airport was opened the next day for incoming and outgoing flights.

Sea Glass Place is fully operational and ready for your arrival. We suffered no damage. Looking forward to seeing you on the Spice Island. 

Sea Glass Place Management