Brian T Greenhill

We had a wonderful time at Sea Glass Place and Grenada.

We are active vacationers who love nature and animals.
We are self-sufficient and low maintenance.

Having said that, this was the best place we have stayed at in several years of vacationing on different caribbean islands.

They arranged pick up (with a grocery stop, IGA) and drop off to the airport.
They made fruit bread and had beer for our arrival and departure.

Elvis and Jane were wonderful hosts.
They gave us the information we needed and included some insider knowledge of the island.
They were not overbearing but they followed up with us when necessary.
And they were genuinely nice and engaging hosts.
Also, they had some local currency on hand we could purchase.

The place (Flamboyant) had a fully functional air conditioner, gas stove, microwave, coffee pot, and hot water heater (for tea).
Functioning sounds silly but we have found that this isn’t always the case at other places. 🙂
We only had one minor issue with the room safe not working but this wasn’t a problem.
The windows had bars and they gave us a room key for a deadbolt and door lock.
And don’t be concerned about the bars, they had wrap around decks and a screen door to see the ocean.

It is in a great location.
A 20-30 minute walk to Grand Anse and St Georges.
The beach out back is great.
It was better snorkeling than Grand Anse.
I saw a Octopus, Barracuda, and a Sea Worm near the rocks off to the right of the hotel.

The complex had some nice amenities.
They had 2 kayaks which we took advantage of and cruised to Grand Anse and St. Georges.
They had plenty of floats for the ocean.
And best of all, was a outside shower, that was fully enclosed, to wash the sand off.

We would definitely love to come back to Grenada and Sea Glass would be a number one choice.
If we come back in season, we might get to see Loggerhead Turtles hatch or Dolphins/Whales! 🙂

Lessons Learned
1) There was no need to exchange money unless you were going to use the local bus.
We did not because the walks to Grand Anse and St Georges were very easy.
2) If you come in the summer, this is the off season.
This makes booking trips harder because of lower turn outs.
3) If you want to go hiking, bring a light pair of pants (dense brush).

Wondering Soles – We took a hike with Amber to Concord Falls.
She showed us lots of fruit, spices, and flowers.
Best of all was getting to take a dip in a waterfall! (Sounds corny but we could not do this in Hawaii because it was prohibited. 🙁 )
Note of caution: It is slippery when climbing over rocks. Take it slow and you should be fine.
I would highly recommend her company!

EcoDive – We did the snorkeling tour to Flamingo Bay and the Underwater Museum.
Excellent, informative crew and they had Marine Biologists on staff!
Christine is very knowledgable and a great owner.
Flamingo Bay had a great variety of fish and coral with good depth to dive.
Definitely worth it!
And if you have not done it, the Underwater Museum is interesting.
If you not interested it that stuff, there was a big Barracuda lurking about and a big Spotted Moray! 🙂
Another interesting thing is they offer PADI free diving courses.
We would have loved to try it but we ran out of time.

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